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About the dangers of blue light and anti-blue light glasses

We all know that too much mobile phone, computer or TV screen can make you short-sighted. More expert people may know that the real cause of vision loss and myopia is blue light emitted by electronic screens.


Why do electronic screens have too much Blue light? Because electronic screens are mostly made of LEDS. According to the three primary colors of light, many manufacturers directly increase the intensity of blue light in order to improve the brightness of white LED, so that the yellow light will increase correspondingly, and the brightness of the white light will increase finally. However, this will cause the problem of "excessive blue light" that we will explain later in the article.


But what we often say is blue light is actually short for high energy short wave blue light. The wavelength is between 415nm and 455nm. Blue light in this wavelength is shorter and has higher energy. Because of its high energy, light waves reach the retina and cause the epithelial cells that make up the pigment in the retina to decay. The depletion of epithelial cells results in a lack of nutrients in light-sensitive cells, causing permanent vision damage.


Anti - blue light lens will appear a light yellow, because the light incident lens is missing a band of blue light, according to the light of the three primary colors. RGB (red, green and blue) mixing principle, red and green mix into yellow, which is the real reason why blue blocking glasses look like a strange light yellow


True blue light resistant lens to withstand the blue laser pointer test, we use the blue light test pen to illuminate the blue light resistant lens, we can see that the blue light cannot pass through. Prove that this anti - blue light lens can work.

Post time: Jul-14-2022