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Acetate frame process

1. Open material, size calculation, take calipers to measure the shelf A,B plus 4 margin to calculate the plate, the actual how to open material to see the specifications of the plate to calculate the best way to open material. Open material can open 800-1000 pay per day according to the operator to decide.
2. Spell leaves spell zhuang, first with the binder to spell leaves, leaves are generally with white material (transparent sheet) to spell, zhuang head is generally with eye core spell (car circle left eye core) to spell. It can be done in 12 hours.
3. For the outer ring of the car, most factories now use CNC machines to drive, and adjust the machine operation with drawings developed by engineering. General car outer ring time 5-7 days or so, depending on the number to calculate. A machine a day car 300~400 pay about shelf.


4. Height of car leaf: upper and lower knife, bevel Angle of car farm head 7C/ degree, bevel position of car farm head, see what shape of the shelf, confirm the bevel position before doing. Fly bottom thickness, generally before 4.2~3.8. Time is 3 ~ 5 days
5. Bending frame: press the line, whether the bending size is correct. The upper and lower parts of the middle beam of the car, see if the shape is consistent with the drawings and samples. Car leaf oblique position.

6. Under the barrel: first garage to do manual scraping burrs and then rough rolling (rough rolling for 3 days) and then turn in rolling (in rolling for 2 days) smooth rolling (1 day) sheet leg process is not detailed explanation. Similar to the box, it takes 10 to 15 days to complete.
7. Nail glue: first of all, nail the teeth with nail glue machine, nail the leg grinding hinge position, grind the screw rub zhuang head. Nailing time 7~10 days
8 polishing polishing: first play sand powder, polishing wax, light, light wax, wax. Polishing generally takes 2~3 days
9. Packaging of finished products: first pad printing, after printing the card, calibration, polishing wax, cleaning the shelf, and finally packaging QC inspection, boxing. Time is 3 ~ 5 days


The whole production process is completed into a frame generally in 35~45 days, there are other processes such as engraving do crystal glue wire set diamond set piece sandblasting laser and so on to see the drawing requirements to decide.
General workshop production has production schedule, specific Ann production department arrangement, tracking up.
In addition, the sheet metal process quotation factory is generally about 16~18 yuan, the quotation is generally according to the sum of sheet metal price + foot silk accessories price + production line + auxiliary materials and profits.

Post time: Jul-14-2022